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Build Your Own Escort Site Absolutely FREE!
Custom Prepared by AD Designers Just For You!

Complete and upload the form below. Your custom page will normally appear within 24 to 48 hours. With the After Dark nationwide resources you have everything to gain at NO COST to you!
  • Professionally built and edited by our designers - we make you look GOOD!
  • Link to your website page in your adverts to generate more and higher quality business!
  • More liberal AD advertising policy represents you BETTER, CLASSIER and more EFFECTIVELY FREE!
  • Take advantage of AD 24/7 Promotion. We often promote YOU directly for FREE!
  • You build a better clientel, with better money AND opportunites to make EXTRA CASH!


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    * Self Description Text:
    After your photos, this is the FRIST impression viewers will have of you. Be creative, classy and tell them about yourself in a positive, appealing manner. This text should be at least 150 words but not more than 500 words total. It will appear on your main page next to your primary photo. What makes you special and appealing? Potential clients LOVE to hear your "story". GIVE THEM ONE! You will get a much better response.
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    * Services / Cost Text:
    Enter the fees you want for your services and describe any conditions of those services.
    * Contact Text:
    Enter in text how you want the potential client to contact you. Whet you enter here WILL BE PUBLISHED AS YOU PROVIDE IT. For example, if you do not want your email addy published, alternately use the email contact form that we provide as a standard feature and do NOT include it here (viewer will not see your email address - but contact submission will be sent ro your specified email). If you want to include a phone number it MUST be included here with appropriate instructions (ie; "call only", "text first only", "call or text" ... etc. - as you prefer).
    * Client Contact Email:
    This is the email where you would like potential clients to contact you initially. It IS NOT openly published (unless you put it in your contact text above). A contact form is provided and the contact request is sent to THIS email addy. Can be same as above if you like.


    At least 4 photos are required. You may upload up to 12 photos here and more is better to ensure that we can represent you in an appealing manner. Please, "selfies" are OK but NOT if they are dark and/or blurry. Photos are best taken by another person. Photos should be at least 600px X 400px or larger. Full or partial nudity is OK however lascivious display of genitals or sexual acts will be edited or blurred. You may provide edit instructions below (you do not need to worry about editing photos before uploading). See our photo tips to the right of this form.
    * Primoary Photo 01:
    This should be what you consider to be your BEST photo and will be your featured, main photo.
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    Photo Editor Instructions:
    Our editors will, if needed, enhance and/or retouch your photos. We may also edit any overly explicit (lascivious) photos. We can also blur faces (NOT recommended) if you would like. Provide any instructions or requests to our editor here regarding your photos.
    Video is not required however a short video will normally substantailly enhance your response rate. If you choose to provide video our editors need enough video to compose a nice video piece of at least one minute in total duration. You may upload up to 4 video pieces here. We will normally edit your original video into one nice piece for viewing. Full or partial nudity is OK however lascivious display of genitals or sexual acts will be edited or blurred. You may provide edit instructions below (you do not need to worry about editing your video before uploading). See our video tips to the right of this form.
    You will be given an opportunity to upload your video at a later time.

    Additional Comments:
    Enter any additional comments, questions, instructions or needs here.
    If you want to upload more content than this form provides for, you may return to this form a second time, using the same professional/alias name (and email) and put "Additional Content" in all of the required text box fields. Our editors will match it to your original submission.
    (NOTE: If you don't put something in all of rhe required fields you will get errors on submission)

    AD editors reserve the right to edit all
    content provided herein at their own discretion.
    (must be checked "Affirmation") I affirm that I am over the age of 18 years and that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of submission. I certify that all images and/or video submitted are of myself, are my own material that does not infringe on any copyright of another individual and herein release the operators of AD to publish said material and promote said material at it's dicretion and as contained in the terms and considiton of submission.
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    How It Works?
    1. Complete and submit this form following the instructions within the form.
    2. After submitting this form, you will receive a confirmation page with any further instructions and details.
    3. You will receive a confirmation email of your submission. You may use this email to contact our admin staff (it will have contact details).
    4. Our editors will custom build your site (pages). This normally takes from 24 to 48 hours to be done and active.
    5. You will receive an email to your Admin Contact email (you provided) with a direct link to your new Escort Site and any further instructions. You will also, at this time, receive a "test contact" to ensure that your contact options are working correctly.
    6. START PROMOTING and get ready for business!
    Escort Page FAQ's
    Q: Is there any cost to have my custom site built and use it to promote my services?
    A: NO! There is never any cost to you for your pages and you will never be asked for a credit card! The AD regional websites are completely sponsor driven. Therefor, no cost to you (adverts may appear on you pages like all sponsor driven websites).
    Q: How long will my site (pages) stay up - remain active?
    A: Indefinitely if you want. Your site stays active for 90 day periods. Just before this period expires you will receive an email allowing you to "reconfirm" (renew) your site at no cost for another period. However, AD does retain the right to remove escort sites at any time for any reason.